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Rug and Carpet Care 101: A Cleaning and Maintenance Guide

How to Wash a Small Rug?

Rugs should never be put into the washing machine and they should never tumble dry. Rugs should always be cleaned flat.

How to Dry Your Rug?

Never hang your wet rug on a clothesline, as it can distort the shape of your rug. Your best option is to place it on a slatted picnic table, clothes-drying rack or a counter top. Remember to protect the surface by laying towels or old sheets down before you place the wet rug on top of it.

How to Store a Rug?

Before removing your heavy, winter rug, it’s a good idea to have it professionally cleaned and stored in a climate-controlled area. By doing so, your rug will maintain its beauty, be less prone to damaged fibers, and last longer. Practice the same measures for your summer area rugs, too.

How to Care for Specific Types of Rugs?

In order to properly care for your rug, it’s best to determine what materials it is made from. Read on to learn some basic care tips for some of the most common types of rugs: 
  1. Braided and Woven Rugs: Even if it is machine-washable, follow the instructions noted above. Be sure to examine the stitching before and after you wash the rug to see if there are any breaks. If so, contact Babayan’s for professional rug repair services in Toronto to avoid further damage. When washing a large rug, place it on a concrete floor and sponge some carpet cleaning foam over the surface. Follow the care instructions and then rinse your rug. Before laying it in its place, ensure the rug is completely dry to prevent floor damage and potential mold growth. 

  2. Oriental Rugs: These types of rugs require special care. Before vacuuming the rug, tie some nylon mesh over the attachment of the vacuum, which will allow you to remove dirt without causing damage to the rug. Simply change the mesh when dirt and dust accumulates. To remove stains from an Oriental rug, it is important to treat them immediately, particularly if it has been stained with wine or other drink spills. Use baking soda to help soak up liquids. If the rug is in a high traffic area, have the rug professionally treated and cleaned once a year to prolong its life. Keep in mind that exposure to direct sunlight will damage the fibers and cause the colours of the rug to fade. You can prevent this from happening by rotating the rug for even wear, or investing in window treatments that will protect it from UV damage.
  3. Natural Materials: Because of their open weave, dust and dirt can easily penetrate these types of rugs and cause allergies and even asthma attacks. That is why it is important to vacuum them often. Rugs that are made from natural materials should have the least amount of contact with water, as it can weaken their fibres. To treat a stain, quickly clean the area with soapy water and a soft brush. Rinse with water and blot the treated area with a towel. Dry it thoroughly by using either a hair dryer or fan. It is recommended that you place a towel or plastic drop cloth beneath the rug to protect your flooring. If your rug is reversible, flip it over as often as you can to ensure even wear. You can even take it outside and gently beat it with a broom to remove any trapped dirt. 
  4. Sheepskin and Fur: One of the best products to use on a sheepskin or fur rug is talcum powder. Simply apply the powder evenly to the rug and let it sit for two to three hours. Gently brush the powder through the hair and shake the excess out to help prepare it for a cleaning.
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