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The 5 biggest trends for rugs and carpets in 2019

Considering ringing in the New Year with a brand new rug for your Toronto home? Keep reading for a closer look at the five biggest trends for rugs and carpets in the year ahead.

1. Bold prints and colours

Interior design is taking its cues from the fashion world and welcoming bold prints and colours for carpet and rug design. Modern homeowners are using brightly coloured or patterned carpets and rugs to add a touch of personality to their space.

2. Carpet as art
For many homebuilders, decorators and homeowners carpets and rugs will be chosen based on their ability to unify the design elements of a space, as a means of artistic expression and for their conversation-starting appeal.

3. Animal Prints
Nature has played a big role in interior design for the past several years, and that trend isn’t going away anytime soon. Spaces featuring the beauty of natural woods and elegant colour palettes taken directly from nature will be the perfect backdrop for eye-catching carpets and rugs featuring animal prints. But don’t worry, the prints of the ‘80s aren’t making a comeback—zebra and leopard are out—and unexpected prints like antelope and fawn are in.

4. Carpet Tiles
Carpet tiles were popular in 2018 and will continue to be on trend into the New Year. Not only do tiles allow for a high degree of customization and design flexibility, but they’re also easier to clean and replace in the event of a spill.

5. Environmentally friendly fibres
Eco-friendly carpet and rug options, like jute and sisal, are becoming increasingly popular and will continue to be on trend for 2019. Not only are these fibres sustainably sourced, but they’re also completely biodegradable, making them a great choice for homeowners looking for ways to reduce their carbon imprint.

Taking care of your carpets and rugs
Quality is one trend that never goes out of fashion, but good quality carpets and rugs often require a significant investment. Extend the life of your carpets and rugs and keep them looking gorgeous season after season with professional Oriental rug cleaning, Persian rug cleaning and carpet cleaning services from Babayan’s. We’ve been Toronto’s trusted source for professional carpet and rug cleaning services for more than 125 years. Contact us today to learn more about our services or to request a free estimate.

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