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Like New: Area Rug Cleaning Available in Toronto

If you have noticed a rug stain and not sure about what you can do about it, rest assured that our team at Babayan's can help. We offer custom area rug cleaning services in Toronto. Area rugs help to complete your room’s look by adding color, texture and warmth to a space. Area rugs can be exposed to spills and day-to-day soiling. Keep your area rugs looking clean and beautiful with our quality services. We are equipped to clean all types of area rugs in Toronto, giving them the personalized care and attention they deserve. 

We have been effectively cleaning rugs in Toronto and the GTA for over 120 years, with a custom rug cleaning procedure that is far superior to our competition. Babayan’s Toronto rug cleaning plant and drying tower are capable of cleaning even the largest loose area rugs or carpets. With knowledge of the latest changes in the area rug cleaning industry, our experienced professionals can assure you quality workmanship. Our exclusive process allows us to clean all kinds of area rugs in Toronto safely and effectively. From Oriental rugs to Persian rugs cleaning, we clean them all.

Babayan’s Custom Rug Cleaning Procedure at Our Toronto Plant

Area rugs can develop many issues with regular use Consider cleaning instead of replacing your area rug. Count on us for all kind of area rug cleaning solutions. Regular professional cleaning can ensure that your home is free from air borne diseases that can cause health issues and aggravate allergies. Our professionals have the experience to guide you through our area rug cleaning process. We have been perfecting our rug cleaning procedure over the past century and are proud to say that we have been successful in cleaning even the most soiled area rugs. We understand that Oriental rug cleaning and Persian rug cleaning requires the utmost care. Even after over 120 years in the business, our professional staff treats each individual rug, whether an oriental rug or a Persian rug with the same care we did back in 1896. Babayan’s is completely equipped with advanced tools and techniques to offer quality area rug cleaning services in Toronto. Babayan’s has been in the industry for over 120 years and has continued to offer quality area rug services to Toronto’s residents. 

We never leave behind muddy residue in your carpets. All of our staff is fully trained in the most current advances in area rug cleaning field and are backed by years of experience. Below you’ll find our time tested methods for getting your carpet or area rug cleaned. Watch the videos below and see for yourself!

Stages of the Rug Cleaning Process

Inspection Procedure:

1. Rug Inspection

All carpets, rugs, Persian rugs, and Oriental rugs are measured and carefully inspected. A detailed report is then provided to you.

Beater/Duster Process:

2. Beater / Duster

After measurements and a brief examination, the rug is removed of any loose soil, dust, or other particles that could contain bacteria.

Power Wash Procedure:

3. Power Washing the Rugs

Your rugs are power washed with pH balanced detergent and lukewarm water. We never use recycled water. It is always fresh.

Wash Procedure:

4. Wash & Rinsing the Rugs

Your carpet or rug is rinsed with approximately 2000 gallons of clean water per hour to eliminate soap residue, dirt, and soil. This process also helps reduce ALLERGY symptoms.

The carpet or rug is fed through a massive wringer at 140 psi to squeeze out all the water. At this point another inspection takes place. If we aren’t satisfied with the results we repeat steps 2-4 at no extra cost to you!

Drying Room:

5. Drying Room

In the drying room, your area rug is raised 40 feet above and spends 8 hours drying before coming down for an inspection. Our large drying room can dry approximately 300 to 350 different sized carpets at one time. Our drying room is temperature and humidity controlled to protect your valued Oriental and Persian rugs from damage.

After Drying Inspection:

6. After Drying Rug Inspection

When the rugs are brought down after drying, they head to our inspection table for a thorough visual inspection. If the rugs meet our expectations, we prepare them for storage. Rugs that do not meet our expectations are sent to our 2nd drying room for additional touch ups.

Touch Up & 2nd Drying Room:

7. Touch Up & 2nd Drying Room

For rugs that need that “extra touch,” we individually treat by hand. We hang these rugs in our 2nd drying room where they are air dried at room temperature. Once dry, we vacuum and prepare the rugs for storage. All rugs are stored in our temperature controlled storage room where they are ready to be picked up or delivered.

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