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Toronto’s Rug Repair Experts

From the most exquisite and priceless rugs to drab but meaningful family heirlooms, we value all our customers and their rugs equally. Of all the rug repair services Toronto offers, Babayan's is your best choice for a full, quality repair or restoration. We will be honored to accept your carpet or rug and give it the attention and care it – and you – deserve.

Babayan’s Experience with Rug Repair in Toronto and the GTA

In Toronto, there is no finer rug repair service than what you'll find at Babayan's. We are knowledgeable about all things textile, and our company has been a trusted leader in the industry for over 120 years. Our technicians handle each rug repair as if it were our only one, and dedicate their full attention to restoring the rug to its original beautiful state. We understand that you are placing your trust in us to take care of your valuable rug, and we aim to go above and beyond in making sure your experience with Babayan's is a great one.

Get a Free Estimate for Your Rug Repair

Free estimates are available in person or in most cases over the phone. If you have a rug in need of repair in Toronto, contact Babayan’s repair department today. In addition to the free delivery and pick-up service we provide to Toronto residents, we also provide free delivery and pick-up service for rug repair to those residing in North York, Mississauga, Etobicoke, Richmond Hill, and Vaughan.

Carpet Repair Videos

Reweaving Rugs:

Reweaving Rugs

In this video you can see how we reweave a hole in a rug. First, we build the foundation (warp and weft). Once we have matched the colours, we start with the weaving. This is the most important step as we must meet the original construction and integrity of the rug. The excess wool is trimmed off and reinforcing is done. The area is then lightly burned to strengthen and match the rest of the rug.

Repairing a Custom Rug:

Repairing a Custom Rug

Another specialty service of Babayan’s is repairing rugs. In the video, you can see the repair of a completely destroyed custom rug. Only a few hours later and the end result is a rug that looks like new.

Hand Woven Fringe Repair:

Hand Woven Fringe Repair

We can restore almost any type of rug to its original state. Bringing your rug back to life by restoring it to its original beauty is our top priority. Our technicians have mastered the technique back in the homeland where the rugs were originally made.

Border Repair & Fringe Stitch Lock:

Border Repair & Fringe Stitch Lock

Repairing a border on a rug requires patience and experience. Here in this video you can see the repair done on a damaged fringe of a Turkish rug. This method is called stitch locking.

Toronto! We Have Experience with Rug Repair in the GTA

Since 1896 Babayan’s has repaired and restored thousands of rugs and carpets from all over the Greater Toronto Area. We are one of the very few companies in Canada with this unique carpet repair expertise. If you have an antique rug, we can help you restore it to its former glory. No matter what the situation or rug you bring us, we treat each one with the care it deserves. The following is a list of the more common, in-plant carpet repairs offered here, including:

  • Fringing

  • Appraisals

  • Alterations

  • Blocking

  • Re-Latexing Backings

  • Spot Dyeing

  • Binding

  • Hand Woven Fringes / Borders

  • Hand Binding

  • Reweaving

  • Hot Melt Tape Joining

  • Reinforcing Backing

  • Underpadding

  • Sleeves for Wall Hangings

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